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What’s next for Apple fans?When is the next iPhone coming?

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What will Speck have in store for the next iPhone?

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  • James:

    “Better battery life.”

  • Awesome Me:

    “I want the new iphone 6 to have all of the features comined”

  • Everyone out there:

    “I want a phone that works ..all the time....”

  • Aim:

    “Definitely more Yellow! More seasonal!”

  • Bonnie:

    “I really want the ipone 6 to have a bright orande and grey Candy shell grip case I love the design and I have it of my iPhone 4S right know”

  • Bonnie:

    “I really want it to be neon orange and grey With the rubber orange and the grey hard like you made for the iphone 4/4s I really I joyed it”

  • Ayla:

    “CARD CASE!!”

  • yellowlover:

    “speck, please make more yellow cases for iphones!!!! sincerely, the yella lovers of the world!”

  • Jonathan:

    “NFC, longer battery life, louder speakers”

  • Erin M.:

    “I hope that Apple calls the 5.5" device the iPhone Air to divert from their norm- iPhone 6 seems too obvious. Maybe an iPhone 6c, too? I love my yellow 5c and think the colorful plastic is a great idea :)”

  • Megan:

    “I love the amped case and hope there will be a candyshell amped for iPhone 6!”

  • Kalel:

    “Wallet Case for iPhone 6 from Speck.”

  • Glenn:

    “I am hoping the iPhone 6 has better battery life and a great camera!”

  • Natalie:

    “I'd really like the iPhone 6 to have a longer battery life... My iPhone 4s doesn't last long with out charging at all!”

  • Eh, Steve:

    “Would love to see better battery life with the updated processor!”

  • Ron:

    “Would love to see a thinner device and wider screen on the iPhone 6”

  • Cartman:

    “Bigger screen, longer battery life mostly..”

  • First Name:

    “Better battery life”

  • Maggie:

    “I want a larger screen for the new iphone 6 followed by a new iphone 6 case from Speck”

  • Joey:

    “speck needs to make a battery case for the 5/s/c or iphone 6!”

  • Daniella:

    “Speck company should make a case that charges your phone, is waterproof, unless the phone is itself, has bigger sound, and has the fingerprint scanner all in one case! (for apple devices)”

  • Daniella:

    “Speck should combine waterproof , and the louder sound case for all i-Phones and hopefully the latest in December, i- Phone 6/6s”

  • Not puttin meh name so um yeah says:

    “Speck should make water proof cases for Apple devices”

  • Shovel says:

    “Iphone 6 needs better battery life and a larger screen. Hopefully Speck makes a Card Case for the iPhone 6.”

  • Linda says:

    “Wallet case”

  • The Masinator says:

    “the whole phone! its just so exciting!”

  • Anna says:

    “The fingerprint scanner”