HTC fans—Get ready for Specktacular new HTC cases

What’s the latest buzz around the upcoming device launch by HTC? We want to hear what you think—Join the conversation below

Image for the new HTC Device

When will Speck’s new HTC cases be ready?

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  • Shawn says:

    “A slot for a microSD card and a Speck SmartFlex card case.”

  • joyce says:

    “I would like a new tablet this version 4g Motorola it is under factory warranty for a year. So please con and get this tablet it really needs fixed or give me another tablet”

  • Pam says:

    “I want the Grey Verizon all new one. Plz make a raspberry with slate & black with slate candyshell grip cases. They will look awesome!”

  • Nimlams says:

    “Can we get the card holder phone case for the htc phone...? Please!”

  • JK says:

    “FHD Screen, Better camera, same aluminum material, improve BoomSound speaker”

  • Drake says:

    “Check out the squiggity sqaw all up in CNET & every other biz jurn online- HTC One M8 is comin out on March 25 y'all”

  • Raj says:

    “The HTC one M8 is rumored to have better sound than the first one. iPhone Air better watch out.. IMO

  • Thomas says:

    “Can a 920 case fit a 925 Nokia.
    I can't fine a case for a 925 Nokia that SPECK makes
    Please advise if you make a cover for the 925”

  • Malia says:

    “So I was wondering what features does this HTC case provide”

  • Leon says:

    “Lol who cares it ain't no apple”

  • Hailey says:

    “5" HD screen with 440 pixels per inch and a Snapdragon processor for the cherry on top :)”

  • Alisha O'Neil says:

    “Just look at the video HTC posted HTC Technical Translations

  • John says:

    “So basically we know that they're going to announce the HTC M8, it should keep the same metallic look that made the HTC One so popular, and dual-stereo speakers. This phone is basically turning into a mobile sound system which should turn many Apple users on their heels!”

  • DB says:

    “A better resolution and camera, HD for photos & videos- I use my phone for everything!”

  • Sam peterson says:

    “more candy shell colors for spring!!!”

  • Christina says:

    “Dust & water proof like Samsung S5?? Or fingerprint sensor like S5 & iPhone 5s? HTC's gotta step up their game”