The NEW Samsung Galaxy S5 is here

See what Speck has in store—check out our mighty slim protective cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S5

Image for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases From Speck
Image for NEW CandyShell Inked case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Coming soon New CandyShell Inked cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

Scratch-resistant, high-res graphics on a brilliantly colored Samsung Galaxy S5 case packed with multi-impact protection.

  • Anti-scratch finish for durable graphics that won’t fade
  • Dual-layer design for uncompromising protection without the bulk
  • Raised bezel and button covers protect screen from impact
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Image for CandyShell Grip case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Coming soon CandyShell Grip cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

Raised rubber grips provide secure hold whether you’re texting, gaming, or snapping a photo with this multi-impact protective Samsung Galaxy S5 case.

  • Rubber grips for secure hold
  • Dual-layer design for uncompromising protection without the bulk
  • Raised bezel and button covers protect screen from impact
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Image for CandyShell case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Coming soon CandyShell cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

Slim, layered design defends against impact and shock in an ultra-protective Samsung Galaxy S5 case.

  • Dual-layer design for uncompromising protection without the bulk
  • Raised bezel and button covers protect screen from impact
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  • Jessica says:

    “Please make a case for the Samsung Galaxy s5 active!”

  • jo jo jo says:

    “I need a card case! !!! Made best by speck”

  • JD says:

    “Agreed- card case for the galaxy S5 active! The iPhone version protected my phone for 3 years!”

  • Ace says:

    “When will there be a candyshell for s5 ACTIVE?”

  • gunny says:


  • Mike says:

    “For the umpteenth time......CARD CASE!!!!! Loved my S4 Candyshell CardCase. I NEED one for my S5!!!!”

  • Alex says:

    “Will Speck be coming out with a card carrying case for the samsung galaxy S5? I Had one for my iPhone and loved it. Really hoping it happens soon.”

  • Maryann B says:

    “When will I be able to get a speck case for my galaxy s5 active? I've had iPhones for years and your cases were my go to and you have absolutely nothing for the phone I now have. Please please please tell me there will eventually be some of my favorite cases made for the Samsung Galaxy s5 active.”

  • Maddy says:

    “Listen to your customers! Card case for S5! May be hard because of the back speaker.. But I wouldn't mind if it's a little covered.”

  • Anne says:

    “Card case please!”

  • Glenn says:

    “Please please please make the Smart flex Card Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5! I had one on my iPhone 4 and loved it. My girlfriend has one on her Samsung Galaxy S4 and she loves it.”

  • Kelsey says:

    “Oh please oh please make a card/cash case for the Samsung Galaxy S5!”

  • JS says:

    “Smartflex card case for Galaxy S5 please.”

  • Leighton says:

    “Please make a flex card for Samsung S5 ACTIVE!! I had a flex card on my iPhone 5s & I loved the card case. I need one on my active now. The case mate card case that I'm using now is garbage!”

  • KG says:

    “Where are the cases for the Samsung Galaxy 5 active?”

  • dannyo says:

    “Need smartcard for S5 ASAP pleas”

  • Surfdreams says:

    “Please launch the wallet case, I had to go with an inferior competitor!!!”

  • for scuba says:

    “Wallet case for s5 please!”

  • rubin says:

    “Is there a card case coming for the S5?”

  • Johnny McCreditcard says:

    “Need the credit card flex case please. Everyone here wants it.”

  • kaillan says:

    “Flex card case please!!!!”

  • nichole says:

    “I neeeeed the credit card case. I dont carry a wallet anymore and want to upgrade my phone but wont sacrifice my case!”

  • Mike P. says:

    “Wallet case. Won’t upgrade to the S5 without it.”

  • Geoff says:

    “When will we see the SmartFlex for the S5?”

  • flex card flex card flex card says:

    “Please we all want the flex card case for s5! Thanks :)”

  • 562Rich says:

    “Flex credit card case s5 active!”

  • MojoJojo says:

    “CandyShell Card case like my iphone 4s. I'll kick apple to the curb if you make this. My life is made better by the CandyShell Card case.”

  • Ready to buy says:

    “Flex card case for s5 please!”

  • BIG MIKE says:


  • heyeon says:

    “Card case”

  • steve says:

    “Flex credit card case for galaxy 5
    And not 3 are a mist. Thx”

  • Speck Products says:

    “No Ralph, they aren't the same. S4 and S5 are different sizes.”

  • Ralph says:

    “Are the phone cases the same for GalaxyS4 & GalaxyS5?”

  • Manasa says:

    “Smart flex card case for galaxy s5... similar to the s4. I just love the case and got many good comments about it... it's so handy. Am waiting to buy one..”

  • immickielol says:

    “A card pocket attached to the back of the case.”

  • jocelyne Lopez says:

    “Because I have a new phone & my friends told me that there good”

  • Ryan Ford says:

    “Please let us see the smartflex view for the galaxy S5!
    It's the best ever!!!!”

  • joshua says:

    “a iphone 5c candyshell inked case”

  • Norma says:

    “Case should have more colors such as blue,pink and purple. Kick stand for watching movies n tvs!”

  • sarahcoventry says:

    “hello speck, please make a case like the one I have for my iphone 4S (the case with the credit card holder) for the Galaxy phone. The reviews for your galaxy phone case are not very encouraging. You have an excellent product, I get complements all the time about my phone case, and I LOVE not having to carry anything but my phone and car keys - but the reviews of your current card carrying case have not been stellar. Maybe a little quality control is in order - you have the market on this product, don't loose it by making it cheaper and less dependable to make a buck. And as every other review states, colors, designs - something nifty would be excellent. Thank”

  • Kameron says:

    “The camera and the heart rate monitor and the finger scanner”

  • Jasmine says:

    “Clear Cases iPhone 5c.”

  • Maria Elena says:

    “The camera.
    Pease make beautiful cases!!!!!”

  • Clementine says:

    “The fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor!! :O”

  • Amie says:

    “I've never owned a Samsung smartphone before but I am excited to get to know all of the features!”

  • David says:

    “Everything! It seems like a great device.”

  • sammie says:

    “The fingerprint scanner”

  • Linda says:

    “Wallet case”

  • The Masinator says:

    “the whole phone! its just so exciting!”

  • Anna says:

    “The fingerprint scanner”

  • holly says:

    “I want the S5 to have a fingerprint scanner and a speck FABSHELL case! (:”

  • Becky says:

    “I can't wait to shoot with that 16 mp camera!”

  • Veronica says:

    “Need more cool designs and colors cases for the note 3 please!!!!!”

  • BJ says:

    “the display”

  • Tracy says:

    “hope can have a combine case for note3.”

  • Connor says:

    “You should make cases for the galaxy tab pro 8.4!”

  • Koop says:

    “Scratch resistant and matte candyshells”

  • mscja72 says:

    “more variety for samsung galaxy note 3 please!!!!!”

  • Lace says:

    “More color options! There's tons of choices for the iPhone and so little for the galaxy.”

  • Maryland says:

    “Samsung mega”

  • Marty says:

    “Need Time Travel Functionality.”

  • griffin says:

    “New Galaxy s4 colors.”

  • kofi says:

    “samsung galaxy s4 case”

  • Miss Washu says:

    “I am hoping for a flex card case for the Samsung Ativ S Neo”

  • Sage says:

    “I can't wait to see a case for the Samsung Tab Pro 8.4!”

  • Ellie says:

    “Excited to see what new Samsung Galaxy S5 cases Speck will come out with . If the Galaxy S5 has all the updates that are rumored, I'm most excited about the metal body.”

  • John says:

    “New Candyshell colors”

  • Alicia Schull says:

    “I know the S5 is supposed to be a big deal, but what they could really improve on are their tablets! Hope to find a case for those that are durable and kid-friendly!”

  • kyle says:

    “Any chance we'll see a samsung smart watch??”

  • Christina says:

    “Can't wait for the new S5!!!! :) love the new apps on the S4 but i think android can do better”

  • steven says:


  • liz says:

    “I'm not sure... just seems like Samsung keeps bringing cool, new ideas, that I'm not sure what to expect any more. I had the s4 and now I have the Note 3 and love it.

    On a serious note Speck needs to get things together, we need new cool cases, more diverse designs for ALL Samsung products ( specially NOTE 3) It just seems bias that all the cool products here in Speck are made for Apple iPhones.


  • Maggie says:

    “I want the new Samsung galaxy s5 to have the fingerprint scanner, then I'll make the switch and get a Speck case!”

  • Arianna says:

    “A fingerprint scanner!”

  • Jack Smith says:

    “where are the note 3 cases guys, come on!”

  • Joe deatz says:

    “Metal body”

  • Julisa Crowder says:

    “i hope it will have two versions pf the model, one metal and one plastic. AND THAT SPECK SHOULD MAKE MORE CASES FOR THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S5! or any other samsung galaxy device.”

  • RiRi says:

    “I hope they give the S5 something similar to apple's touch ID and i hope speck comes out with as many colors of the candyshell for it as the have for apple iphones!”

  • Sergio says:

    “I got a candyshell case for my s4 and it saved my phone many times. Please make the Candyshell grip again for the Galaxy S5!! Or, more colors for candyshell at least.”

  • JamesyJay says:

    “Samsung should keep the removable batter and SD card slot. Upgrade camera to 16-megapixels and upgrade snapdragon processor. Get rid of touchwiz ! I'm gonna get a speck case the day i get my galaxy S5!”

  • Pam c says:

    “The should stay with the 1080p 5" screen and make Galaxy s5 smaller with slimmer bezels than the s4 and the 1080p screen with 3200 battery would make the batter last all day, IMO. OH, and Speck make more colors for candyshell cases.”

  • Rosa Martinez says:

    “Continue to make more candyshell colors for the Samsung Galaxy S5… The color selections for the IPhone 5S are better.”

  • Lola R. says:

    “I hope they make the Air View and Air Gestures better.Air Gestures are handy when I'm using the remote or scrolling through a recipe page.”

  • mikey says:

    “I hope they ditch all of the gimmicky features , that make you think too much. Make the batter last longer and better camera. Make as many case color as you make for iPhone 5s and I’ll be a happy speck customer :P”

  • Dave says:

    “make a clear case for the galaxy S5. I heard they will have a metal back like the HTC one and i don't want to cover it up.”