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CandyShell Cases

  • Hard Outer Shell. Soft Rubbery Center.
  • Pretty Sweet Idea.


Let's not sugar coat it – like you, we're lost without our iPhones and iPads. We know the panic that comes with watching them fall to the floor, which is why we created CandyShell. It offers the strength of hard plastic and the shock-absorbent impact protection of soft polymer, all in a one-piece Speck case. With its vivid, two-toned coating, you'll soon be hooked.

In the CandyShell collection, we treat you to delicious details like folding kickstands, built-in cardholders, and easy-grip finger pads for your favorite gadgets. Combined with a slim, sleek design, these goodies will have you craving CandyShell. It's okay to give in – you deserve it.

“There are lots of products
made with plastic on the inside,
and silicone on the outside.
We did it backwards. When our manufacturers told us it couldn’t be done, we knew we were on the right track. ” — Bryan H., Chief Speckologist

That sticky-tuitiveness resulted in a resoundingly successful hybrid so richly unique that it was awarded patent #8,204,561 in June 2012; a recognition that reaffirms our everlasting dedication to gobstopping innovation.


Cases for iPhone, iPod touch, and tablets – so delightfully crafted, you can't help but smile.

Made from the sweetest ingredients

Premium materials provide extra shock absorbency where and when you need it most.

Bounce off the walls

Feeling a little hyper? Not to worry, CandyShell has you covered. The case encircles the front of your smartphone or iPad with a raised rubber bezel, which protects the screen from scrapes and scratches. The internal rubberized corners also make the plastic case flexible enough provide protection against drops.

Designed for total satisfaction

Our patented, dual-layer construction is not only protective, it's also enticing with its sleek feel and bold two-tone style.

Double your enjoyment

We combine the sleek finish and structural integrity of polycarbonate with the flexibility and shock-absorbency of a rubbery polymer for a Speck case that's doubly protective. And we don't stop there – we even make the insides sublime. Our co-molded CandyShell holds its shape over time, keeping your gadget in mint condition.



Clever treats abound in our cases for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and more.
CandyShell Flip
for iPhone 4S/4
CandyShell Wrap
for iPad 2
CandyShell Card
for iPhone 4S/4
CandyShell View
for iPhone 4S/4
CandyShell Grip
for iPod touch

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Go on, indulge in a CandyShell case for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Samsung GALAXY, or smartphone.
Hard shell. Soft center. Sweet style!
Flip it back to make docking a snap
Two layers in one. Sweet card-carrying slot!
Totally covered. Totally sweet.
Extra-grippy for gaming
Kick back and enjoy the view