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FabFit Cases

  • Fashion-forward. Form-fitting. Super stylish.


You dress to impress. Your ability to accessorize has provoked envy in more than one acquaintance. But have you forgotten something important? A cracked, scruffy iPhone is a fashion no-no – and Speck is here to make sure you step out in style.

Our FabShell and Fitted cases are covered with eye-catching fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns. From our handpicked in-house line to our collaborations with Burton and Out of Print, we have a case to suit your taste. Get ready to turn some heads – knowing that a FabFit case means you’ll never have to trade protection for a stand-out look.

“We loved the feel of a fabric case. But sewing fabric is an inexact science – for every one that fit, there was another one that didn’t. Adding fabric to a precision-cut plastic case solved the problem – bingo.” — Bryan H., Chief Speckologist


Cases that are made-to-measure for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and MacBook Pro.

Get the case that is tailor made

FabFit cases are crafted with care and precision. We labor over each and every detail, making sure that both the outsides and insides are exceptional. From the snap-lock two-piece Fitted case to the one-piece FabShell, we guarantee the fit will be just right. Knockoffs simply don’t measure up.

Fashionable to the touch

With its fabric back, soft-touch bezel, and contoured edges, our Fitted case adds a soft, tactile feel to your MacBook or iPod Touch. We should warn you: you might not want to put it down.

Meet your match

The FabFit collection comes in fabrics that are playful, conservative, sporty, and fun. Whatever your outfit, mood, or personality, Speck has a case to match. We dare you to just choose one. Why not get several and keep them guessing?

Safety is always in style

FabShell’s good looks don’t come at the expense of protection. Its co-molded polymer and reinforced plastic sides are surprisingly slim and stylish, keeping your iPhone ding-free.


Check out our runway for today’s hottest case designs.
For MacBook Pro
Fitted x Burton
For For MacBook Pro
For iPhone 4S/4
FabShell and FabShell x Burton
For iPhone 4S/4
For HTC Status
For iPod Touch

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Make a statement with a fashionable cover for your iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC Status, or MacBook Pro.
Fabric-backed and fashion-forward
Burton style, Speck fit
Fitted Burton for MacBook
Dress your MacBook for the lodge
Fabulously fashionable protection
Fabulously fashionable protection