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PixelSkin Cases

  • Rubbery Grip. Flexible Fit. Rugged Style.


When you’re on the move, so are your gadgets. It only takes a second for your iPhone to slip through your fingers or your iPod Touch to take a tumble – making it oh-so-important for you to get a grip. Our fun PixelSkin cases will keep your iPhone, BlackBerry, or iPad in place with a non-slip, comfortable fit that you’ll want to get your hands on.

From our PixelSkin case with its rubbery raised grid to the slim, high contrast texture of the PixelSkin HD, we have a Speck case that will buffer your device from those inevitable bounces. Go off the grid for protection from a different angle – GeoMetric trades pixels for contrasting textured triangles for a gem of a case.

“What has great grip? Hand grenades! That idea got us started on this product line, and then we added a Silicon Valley twist: rubber pixels the same size as the icons on the iPhone.” — Bryan H., Chief Speckologist


Flexible, grippable cases for your iPhone, iPad, and smartphone that are built to handle life’s surprises.

Go ahead, live dangerously

Tactile, rubbery PixelSkin and slim, rigid PixelSkin HD cases provide a snug fit, responsive buttons, and plenty of impact protection. Made of high-end materials, these cases won’t stretch out over time. If you ever turn your device face-down, or even drop it, our protective bumpers will keep your screen pristine and scratch-free.

Strength that dares to be stylish

PixelSkin HD is made of TPU, a pliable polymer that combines the flexibility of silicone with the rigidity of plastic for a protective case that's both sleek and durable.


Cushioning to soften the blow

PixelSkin’s tiled silicone case not only feels soft and fun, it also provides serious protection against the destructive force of gravity.

Feel great in your skin

PixelSkins come in a variety of textures – from the raised grid on our original PixelSkin to the low-profile pattern on the PixelSkinHD to the jewel-like facets on the sleek GeoMetric. Whatever your skin type, we’ve got a Speck case that will feel sensational in your hands.

Grip for when you lose yours

Cases in the PixelSkin collection offer a non-slip grip that fits perfectly in your hands, and hugs any surface, so your gadget stays right where you want it.


Fun, textured cases that fit your gadgets like a glove.
PixelSkin HD Wrap
For iPad 2
For iPhone 4S/4 and 3GS
PixelSkin HD
For iPhone 4S/4
For iPhone 4S/4

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Get your hands on our skin – choose a Speck cover that feels great on your iPhone, HTC phone, BlackBerry, iPad, or iPod Touch.
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