Sneak a peek inside Speck

At Speck, we believe in going all in. If we aren’t constantly striving to craft the best cases, discover the freshest ideas and build the cleverest team, why even bother showing up?

Founded in 2001 by a group of California-based engineers, we’re captivated by our gadgets, amped up about the technology behind them and downright fanatical about design. We live to create perfectly-fitting, insanely-styling protective cases for protective iPhone cases, MacBook cases, iPad cases and other gadgets you can’t believe you ever lived without. An impossible task? We don’t think so.

Our logo

Our logo represents our commitment to making exceptional products that demonstrate the spark of ingenuity. It’s bold, exciting and colorful – just like us!

Our seriously fun team

Our Speck team is just as smart, creative and ridiculously photogenic as our distinctive cases. We’ve attracted thinkers and tinkerers from a variety of backgrounds (even rocket science!), each with a unique perspective and skill set. We get a kick out of translating their ideas, even the crazy ones, into cases that not only fit your devices, but also your lifestyle. Meet some of them

Our fresh design philosophy

Speck is obsessed with designing iPhone cases and other smartphone cases that complement your favorite gadgets, look sharp and feel just right. When we start working on a new case, we ask ourselves: How can we make your life easier? What will make you smile? That’s what inspires us to architect cases that don’t just protect smartphones, laptops and tablets – they also contain clever details we hope will spark delight in you.

Our prime location

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re surrounded by dreamers, experimenters and technomagicians intent on making the next big breakthrough. We hear the whispered rumors of new product releases, smell the midnight oil and cross paths with the most talked-about people in technology while we’re grabbing lunch. It doesn’t get much better than this.