Clever people.

At Speck, we believe in going all in. If we aren't constantly striving to craft the best cases, discover the freshest ideas, and build the cleverest team, why even bother showing up?

Some of the Speckans who lead our company:

  • Irene Baran
  • Mark Lemma
  • Rusty Everett
  • Tim Brophy
  • Jarret Weis
  • Bryan Hynecek
  • Alex Fast
  • Chris Gibbins
  • David Burns
  • Chris Novak
  • Ralph Merrem
  • Eric Ronberg
  • Scott Harris
  • Rajeev Mehta

Of course many more people help Speck operate on a daily basis make the best cases that fit you. From our accounting team to customer service, the marketing group to the tireless designers in product development, everyone has a role here at Speck. Yup, that's just how we roll. Learn more about us.