CandyShell + FACEPLATE Samsung Galaxy S 4 Cases

Sleek, multi-impact protection system with screen faceplate in these Samsung Galaxy S4 cases.

  • Military Standards
  • Samsung Mobile
  • TrueTap
CandyShell + FACEPLATE Samsung Galaxy S 4 Cases

CandyShell + FACEPLATE Samsung Galaxy S 4 Cases

Sleek, multi-impact protection system with screen faceplate in these Samsung Galaxy S4 cases.

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Give your new Samsung Galaxy S4 all-over protection with the Speck CandyShell + Faceplate. We paired our best-selling CandyShell, Speck's patented dual-layer, full-coverage Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, with a super protective faceplate.

The CandyShield faceplate features TrueTap™ technology that bonds to your screen for superior touch response and is easy to apply. The sleek, slim and durable Galaxy S4 case features two integrated layers of protection. A durable impact-absorbing hard shell coupled with shock-absorbing corners and lining. Who says protection has to be ugly?

With CandyShell + Faceplate, we've got your phone covered with the lab-tested proven protection you've come to expect and trust from Speck. And like all of our cases, the CandyShell + Faceplate is backed by a one year warranty.

  • Form-fitting. CandyShell + Faceplate fits the Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Military-grade drop tested. This durable Galaxy S4 case meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. Drop tested onto a hard, unrelenting surface with phone retaining full functionality and no damage to screen or buttons.
  • All-over protection system. Your Galaxy is safely enclosed in a dual layer-protective CandyShell case and a screen protecting CandyShield faceplate.
  • Patented dual-layer protection. For sleek durability, the CandyShell case features a protective hard shell coupled with a shock-absorbing lining and corners.
  • Superior touch response. Type away, text away, game away. Speck's TrueTap™ technology bonds the CandyShield faceplate to the touchscreen.
  • Quick and easy application. The faceplate can also be easily removed for cleaning and reuse.
  • Added protection: Rubberized covers shield volume and power buttons while keeping them fully accessible.
  • Lab-tested Proven Protection. Like all Speck cases, these Samsung Galaxy S4 cases stood up to extreme temperatures, repeated functionality testing and even everyday spills like greasy suntan lotion.
  • Backed by Speck. 1 year warranty


As the above material makes clear, Speck has tested a number of its cases and determined that the identified cases meet or exceed certain standards often used by the military to determine effectiveness of protection. To be clear, this does not mean that your devices will never break. If you drop them hard enough, or from high enough, or at just the wrong angle, your device may still be damaged. And if you happen to drop your device into a river of molten lava, Speck case or no Speck case, let it go. Cause it’s gone.

Per our limited liability warranty, Speck has no liability for any damage or destruction to consumer electronic devices or other personal property that are in the products, including, without limitation, laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, DVD players or handheld devices, or any loss of data contained in the foregoing devices.

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  • Bad Product
    posted by JMC
    No matter what I do, there are air bubbles everywhere, every corner. Also, the faceplate makes it difficult to interact with the touchless screen of my phone. I do not recommend it.
  • Good product
    posted by New Owner
    It's good so far. I came upon it on the sales isle at Target, and it was the only one left so I took the chance of buying the product for 1/2 the price. It was exactly what I was looking for -- candy shell along with protected faceplate, so I like it so far. I have no problems with the air bubbles as the instructions stated that if the faceplate isn't clean, then there will be air bubbles. There was a big bubble in the center, but I used the little piece of sticker to remove the dust and then the faceplate went one smoothly and cleanly. I just wish there were more colors besides black and pink. I'm not a big fan of pink, but it was all that was left.
  • Bad design for faceplate
    posted by Anne S.
    I have to agree with other review, I do really like the cover but the faceplate doesn't seal and I have air gaps on all four corners, no matter how many times I. Have tried to fix it. It was very expensive considering the faceplate doesn't work.
  • CandyShell + FACEPLATE for galaxy s4
    posted by arie fineshtein
    I bought this cover for full protection.
    The candy shell in fine.
    The faceplate is useless!
    No matter how i tried it still an air gap in the bottom right of the s4 screen.
    It was a 35.99$ (TARGET USA) completely a waste of money.