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The Spark Behind Speck

Lasting Protection

At Speck, we're serious about protecting your gadgets from the dings and dents of everyday living. We use 3D scanners, high-tech modeling, and rigorous quality testing to engineer cases that are strong and secure. A case that fits is a case that protects, and the perfect fit is what makes our cases so special. No "stretch to fit." No air pockets. No compromises. The result? No scratches, dings, or cracks on your favorite gadget.

Raised Bezel and
Rubber Button Covers

Our raised bezels provide a barrier between your screen and those pesky hard surfaces to prevent scratches and scrapes.  Worried that protective covers will make your buttons less sensitive?  Rest easy - our highly tactile rubber button covers offer protection from dust and dirt without limitation.

Featured on all one-piece Speck cases, shown on PixelSkin HD.

Shape Retention

Our unibody construction cases are designed to be put on and taken off your gadgets with ease.  In fact, your case will fit just as well the day you finally take it off as the first day you put it on.  We're so proud of our form-fit case reputation, we guarantee it.

Featured on all one-piece Speck cases, shown on FabShell.

Form-fit Expertise

Our cases are designed to hug your gadgets snugly. Your iPad won’t shift around, and your smartphone buttons will remain easily accessible and responsive to the touch. We can't read your mind, but we do deliver exactly what you need: slim-fitting protection in every case.

Featured on all Speck cases, shown on FitFolio.

Shock Absorbency

Our specially formulated silicone, plastic and rubber materials provide excellent cushioning without bulkiness.  For the science geeks out there, our not-so-secret ingredients include thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and polycarbonate (PC) - code for "bump-tastic".  

Featured on all one-piece Speck cases, shown on CandyShell.


We're not only meticulous about the materials we use, we're just as particular about the way our cases are built. From our injection-molded, single layer PixelSkin HD through our patented co-molded CandyShell to our triple-layer design that provides maximum protection without the bulkiness found on other cases, we have a case with just the combination of design and durability you are looking for.

Featured on all one-piece Speck cases, shown on MightyVault.

protection+ personality

Speck was the first to release a stylish hard shell case for the MacBook. Made with the same polycarbonate material used in bulletproof glass, it demonstrates how a protective case can also look sophisticated. Over the years, we evolved these cases to fit every MacBook without losing the allure of the original design. Our MacBook Air cover provides lasting protection without adding bulk or weight.

Impact Resistance

Our material of choice is polycarbonate, which provides a high degree of impact protection without extra bulk.

Soft-Touch Comfort

Our velvety matte coating gives you a more comfortable hold on your laptop, and shows off your excellent taste.

Scratch Resistance

Nicks, scratches, and scuffs leave other cases looking worn and unattractive. Our soft touch matte coating resists wear-and-tear, keeping your case looking brand new.