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GrabTab Neon Nights Collection
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Universal Holding Loop / Stand

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Sale price: $9.95
Flat, card-sized GrabTab attaches to the back of your phone and becomes a secure holding loop and a built-in phone stand — without adding bulk.
Item 1262438255

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GrabTab™ is a card-sized super-slim (3mm thick) accessory that gives you a secure way to hold your phone or stand it up for viewing — and also allows for wireless charging. Just stick GrabTab to the back of your phone and slide the flexible center strip until it locks in place. Slip your fingers through the loop to hold your phone comfortably while taking selfies, texting, and more. Turn your phone sideways, and the loop becomes a convenient stand for watching videos or hands-free chatting.

These GrabTabs are the perfect collection of simple solids and designs for a clean sense of style. If you’re a minimalist in every sense of the word, this is the grip and stand accessory for you.

  • Secure and comfortable hold. The flexible center strip on the back of GrabTab slides up and locks in place, forming a loop. Slide your fingers through the loop for a comfortable, secure way to hold your phone while taking selfies, reading in bed and other activities.
  • Doubles as a phone stand. The locked center strip becomes a stand that holds your phone on its side for viewing videos or other media.
  • Allows for Qi wireless charging. The GrabTab is designed to work with wireless charging pads.
  • Super slim, adds no bulk to phone case. With the slide-up tab flat, GrabTab is about the size of a credit card and as thick as three credit cards. It slides smoothly in and out of pockets and other small spaces.
  • Works with most cases and devices. The GrabTab has a universal design that will work with most cases and devices.