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Pencil Guard

Apple Pencil

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Sale price: $9.95


$5 Two-Day Shipping 
Protects an Apple Pencil® (generation 1) and securely attaches to Speck’s Balance FOLIO™

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Safeguards entire Apple Pencil®

Pencil Guard™ is designed to protect your entire Apple Pencil®—not only the body but also the tip and the magnetic cap that contains the pencil’s Lightning connector and tip.

Holds Apple Pencil® securely, releases it smoothly

Pencil Guard™ is made of sturdy, black plastic with a matte finish. The plastic is slightly flexible to hold your Apple Pencil® securely, so it won’t end up rattling around unprotected in your purse, pocket or bag. When you’re ready to use your Apple Pencil®, Pencil Guard™ releases it smoothly and easily.

Compatible with Speck Balance FOLIO™

Pencil Guard™ is designed to lock securely on to the side of Speck’s Balance FOLIO™ case for iPad®, so it’s always right at hand when you’re ready to use it.

    Safeguards entire Apple Pencil®—including cap

    Holds Apple Pencil® securely, releases it smoothly

    Compatible with Speck Balance FOLIO®