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MagFolio Lounge

iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2

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Slim-fitting protection. Contoured for comfy lap use!

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Kick back, relax and settle in with your new iPad, wrapped in our custom-contoured MagFolio Lounge! It's the perfect way to enjoy your new iPad at home, on the couch, lying in bed, or chilling out in an actual lounge chair. These iPad 4 cases feature a specially-contoured cover that rests comfortably on your leg or lap. A vegan leather cover provides plenty of protection, and a hard-shell cradle keeps your new iPad securely in place. Magnetic sleep/wake functionality makes these iPad 4 cases every bit as practical as it is comfy!

  • Fits iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • Lap-perfect design. The curved cover is designed to rest easy in your lap, while putting your iPad at the perfect viewing angle for NetflixŒ¬. Just add popcorn.
  • Instant On/Off. Open MagFolio Lounge and your iPad wakes up. Close it, and your iPad goes to sleep.
  • Fit-right cradle. The form-fitting cradle secures your iPad, when you're in hyperspaceäóîshopping on AmazonŒ¬ or reading your FlipboardŒ¬äóîand when you have to move around in the real world.
  • Smooth-close tab. Close the MagFolio Lounge with a satisfying click, thanks to the smooth-close tab and its stealth-stitched magnet.