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MagFolio Stylus


MagFolio Stylus


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MagFolio Stylus

iPad 4, 3, and 2

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Standard price: $69.95 Sale price: $14.95
Slim form-fitting folio with magnetic closure and stylus pen.
Item 718541041 / SPK-A1205

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Planning to use a stylus with your new iPad? MagFolio Stylus iPad 4 case combines the convenience of a stylus with the protection and functionality of our form-fitting MagFolio. Your stylus is an awesome option for writing, drawing or gaming on your iPad--and it locks into place magnetically to activate your iPad's sleep/wake function. Vegan-leather iPad 3 covers fold into multi-position stands, with new flexible soft-touch cradles to keep your iPad fully secured and protected.

  • Fits iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • Versatile stylus. The included stylus is perfect for drawing, writing, gaming, and for anyone who likes using a stylus.
  • Instant On/Off. Attached to the iPad screen or in its convenient holder, it instantly turns the iPad off. Pick the stylus up, an turns the iPad on.
  • Infinite viewing angles. Vertical? Horizontal? Halfway between? There are no limits, here. Place your iPad at any angle you want.
  • Bump-proof bezel. Because accidents happen, the MagFolio Stylus puts a raised bezel around your iPad. If you drop it, the bezel can take the brunt of the impactäóîinstead of your screen.
  • All-around protection, even buttons. From top to bottomäóîeven the Power and Volume buttons the MagFolio's got your iPad covered.