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iPad 4 / iPad 3 / iPad 2

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Protective tri-fold case with hide-away pockets.
Item IP-WF

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WanderFolio is the ideal protective folio case for travelers of all stripes—whether you're taking a trip around the world or taking the train to work! Clever hidden two-toned pockets keep your money, cards and other essentials safely stashed away. A stylish vegan leather cover provides padded protection, while a newly redesigned flexible form-fit cradle provides secure protection and grippy soft-touch feel. Integrated magnets activate the new iPad's sleep/wake function.

WanderFolio case fits iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4!

Six handy-dandy, hideaway pockets.

Documents, passport, credit cards, treasure map. Stow them away with your iPad.

Instant On/Off.

Open WanderFolio iPad cover and voila! your iPad wakes up. Close it, and your iPad goes to sleep.

Infinite viewing angles.

Vertical? Horizontal? Halfway between? There are no limits, here. Place your iPad at any angle you want.

Bump-proof bezel.

Because accidents happen, the WanderFolio puts a raised bezel around your iPad. If you drop it, the bezel can take the brunt of the impact instead of your screen.