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iPad mini 3 / iPad mini 2 / iPad mini

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Slim-fit protective iPad mini 3 case and adjustable viewing stand.

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Looking for the best iPad mini cases? Look no further! Protect your iPad mini 3 in tailored style with the fashion-friendly FitFolio case! These sleek form-fitting iPad mini 3 cases feature a protective padded case, soft microsuede interior, and a custom hard-shell cradle. There's a snap closure to keep this iPad mini 3 case securely shut and it's available in vegan leather or an array of all-new fabrics designed to match your personality.

  • Fits iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2 (with Retina display) and iPad mini
  • Slim-and-sleek cover. Specially designed to complement your minimalist iPad mini 3, the slim, lightweight covers look goodäóîand feel good, too.
  • Fit-right cradle. The form-fitting cradle secures your iPad mini 3, when you're in cyberspaceäóîshopping on Amazon or reading your Flipboardäóîand when you have to move around in the real world.
  • Quadruple-angle stand. Reading? Writing? Re-watching that funny YouTube video? With four viewing angles, there's one that's right for everything you do.
  • Smooth-snap clasp. When you're on the go, closing the FitFolio iPad mini 3 case is a snap.