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PixelSkin HD iPhone SE, iPhone 5s & iPhone 5 Cases

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Stylish high-contrast matte pixel texture gives this durable case a contoured fit and a grippy feel.
Item IP5-PS-HD

Product Actions

  • Free Shipping and returns on U.S. Orders
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

The slim and smooth PixelSkin HD cases deliver high-def style in each grippy tile. Its classic, rich colors give this durable iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE case a sophisticated look that complements every pixel.

Product Resources

  • PixelSkin HD case fits iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE.
  • Touchable texture. PixelSkin HD iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE covers turn up the style and the grippyness with high-contrast matte pixels.
  • Easy on, easy off. Flexible casing provides protection that’s durable, yet light, and pops on and off in a snap.
  • All-around protection. Raised bezel keeps screen safe and rubberized covers shield buttons.
  • Lab-tested proven protection. Durability and accelerated life testing against extreme temperatures, cracks, and scratches.
  • Long live promise. Proven protection and sleek design backed by a one-year warranty. Long live having it all.