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GemShell iPod touch 6G & 5G Case

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Crystal-clear protective case that shows off the brilliant design of your iPod touch 5G.
Item IT5G-GS

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Your iPod touch 5G has a style that's all you, so give it a case that covers it without covering it up! Our clear GemShell case for iPod touch 5G puts your iPod front and center with a see-through finish that lets its color shine through. And GemShell clear cover for iPod touch 5G provides clear-cut protection with a flexible hardshell construction that's durable, yet lightweight, and pops on and off with ease.

  • Gemshell clear case fits iPod Touch 5G 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB (2014 model)
  • See-through style. Crystal-clear cover for iPod touch 5G shows off your iPod's sleek aluminum body.
  • Glossy one-piece shell. Flexible, durable materials provide protection that's rock-solid, yet lightweight.
  • Screen protection. Raised edges help protect your screen from impact and add grip so your iPod can lay face down on tables or dashboards without sliding.
  • Cover your buttons. Rubberized covers shield volume and sleep/wake buttons while keeping them fully accessible.
  • Full access. Easily use the wrist strap connector, ports, camera and buttons without removing your GemShell iPod touch 5G case.