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iPod touch 6G & 5G

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Protect your touchscreen from smudges and scratches.
Item IT5G-SV

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ShieldView iPod Touch 6G and iPod Touch 5G screen protector provides a slim but strong buffer between screens and scratches, smudges and other blemishes. With both glossy and matte finishes, this ultra-thin screen protector for iPod Touch 6G and 5G is a clear choice for keeping screens clean and flawless.

  • ShieldView Screen Protector fits iPod Touch 6G (2015 model) and iPod Touch 5G 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB (2012-2014 models).
  • Visually appealing protection. Matte or glossy finish films keeps scratches and smudges at bay without getting in the way.
  • No-fuss application.Speck ShieldView screen protectors are easy to apply and remove.
  • Perk-filled package. Includes three screen films in a slim, re-sealable envelope to keep your iPod Touch 6G and iPod Touch 5G screen protectors tidy.