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Speck Cyber Monday Deals

Speck’s Cyber Monday 2017 deals include 25% off iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X cases, 30% off MacBook cases, and 40% off everything else. This year Cyber Monday is November 27 and our sale starts at midnight PST.

Cyber Monday is rapidly becoming even more important than Black Friday. The discounts are often steeper, so it’s worth paying attention to the deals. This can be difficult, as most of the times Cyber Monday is a work day. Don’t fret though, Speck has you covered with tips to manage that situation:

Step 1: Set yourself up for success
The first day back at work from your Thanksgiving vacation is also the most important shopping day of the year. Get to work early and open some important-looking documents to quickly switch to should you hear your boss approaching.
Step 2: Get coworkers to act as lookouts and run interference
It’s a good team building exercise to have a lookout while you shop, and then trade places with your lookout so they can get some shopping done. For extreme situations, we recommend getting someone to call a meeting that you ‘can’t attend’, so you can get some shopping done with no one around.

Should you have some coworkers not down with this plan, bribe them with a Presidio case so they don’t rat you out.
Step 3: Take your laptop into the bathroom
Tell coworkers that the big weekend gorging on turkey is causing you ‘intestinal distress’. Bring your laptop into the stall with you and shop the deals! Don’t forget to keep it authentic by spraying some air freshener every now and then. The smell of savings!
Step 4: Navigate like a pro
Begin your shopping journey with our navigation bar by picking the brand and device you’re shopping for. You can filter our cases by color to find the perfect design. Make sure you check out all the options and colors for your device, and when conflicted, just treat yo’ self to both!
Step 5: Bask in the glow...
...of savings! And your awesome new phone case!

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