Every Sushi Case Features:

Front view of Presidio Inked Yummi Sushi case by Speck Products

Exclusive Prints That Last A Lifetime

Every Specktacular Design print is embedded onto the case so no matter how rough and tough you are on your case, it will resist fading and stay vivid and bold.

Presidio Inked Yummi Sushi Case by Speck Products with bacteria and viruses in the background

Speck + Microban: A New Level Of Protection

Our phones go with us everywhere and the truth is, stain and odor causing bacteria are everywhere. Microban antimicrobial technology gives a 99% reduction in bacteria on the surface for a cleaner phone case.

Cutaway view of phone case with phone inside hitting the ground and impact absorbed by impactium lining

Two Layers Of Impact Cushioning

You never know where the day or night is going to take you. That’s why every Specktacular Design has up to 13-foot drop protection. It may be stylish, but it’s strong as nails. This case was tested tough and built to protect against any late-night selfie fumbles or coffee-shop-drops.

Cutaway view of Presidio Inked Yummi Sushi phone case by Speck Products showing dual layers and an arrow pointing at the raised bezel

Raised Bezel Screen Protection

No two phones fall the same way. Sometimes it’ll fall on its back, sometimes on its edges, and sometimes it’ll land flat on the screen. That’s where our raised bezel comes in handy. This added bit of protection resists screen shatters for if-and-when your phone falls face-down.

Side view of Presidio Inked Yummi Sushi phone case by Speck Products over a wireless charger

A Slim & Pocket-Friendly Design

Ease of use is key when you’re living a life on-the-go. That’s why every Specktacular Design is made to be super slim so you can wirelessly charge your phone with the case on.