Meet Our Innovative New Presidio®2 Line.The name you know and love, now with more protection than ever.

Designed for tough moments and big drops, Presidio®2 has extreme protection cushioning provided with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud™ Technology that lines the perimeter of your case with air capsules, suspending and cushioning your phone just like an airbag.

Opposing angle shot of floating Presidio2 GRIP case on an iPhone 12 and a Presidio2 PRO case on an iPhone 12 Pro Angle shot of floating Presidio2 Armor Cloud case on an iPhone 12

Elevated durability for your device

Phone cushioned by a cloud - Presidio2 Armor Cloud icon

Presidio®2 Armor Cloud™ technology

Cushions and protects your phone like an airbag for up to 16-foot drop protection.

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Antimicrobial Product Protection

Microban® reduces bacteria growth by 99% to protect the case creating a cleaner surface.

*Case may not prevent all damage to device.