AirTag FAQs

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Have questions about your new Speck Compatible with AirTag case? Whether it’s a recent purchase or a case you’re considering, we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have about our cases. See if your question is answered below; if not, feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

General Questions

How do you install the AirTag™ to the SiliLOOP, SiliRING, Carabiner and Luggage Tag Pro?

Installing your AirTag™ to your accessory is easy and seamless.

For SiliLOOP and SiliRING, insert the AirTag™, white side up, into the silicone opening on the side with the Speck logo. Stretch the silicone material before inserting the AirTag™ from the bottom of the opening and firmly push the rest of the AirTag™ into the top.

For the Carabiner, unscrew the white cap counterclockwise. Insert the AirTag™ white side up into the carabiner and when it’s secure, screw the white cap clockwise back onto the carabiner to hold in place.

For the Luggage Tag Pro, open the luggage tab and place your AirTag™ white side up into the tag. Close the Luggage Tag Pro and thread the lanyard through the opening at the top of the and loop it through itself. To attach to luggage or bags, loop the lanyard through itself and pull tight to secure in place before you hit the road.

How do you remove the AirTag™ from the accessory?

Removing your AirTag™ from our accessories is easy!

  1. With the help of flexible silicone around your technology in our SiliLOOP and SiliRING just press firmly on the back of the AirTag™ to remove from the casing.
  2. For the Carabiner, simply unscrew the cap counterclockwise to remove the AirTag™.
  3. Finally, for the Luggage Tag Pro, remove the lanyard and open the luggage tag to remove the AirTag™.

Is the placement and direction of the AirTag™ important?

Yes, there is a specific way you want to add your AirTag™ to each accessory. For a breakdown on each accessory we offer, please follow these directions:

  1. For SiliLOOP and SiliRING, the AirTag™ should show the white side on the same side as the Speck logo.
  2. If you have the Carabiner, match the white side of the AirTag™ with the white cap.
  3. For the Luggage Tag Pro, the white side of the AirTag™ should be facing out when putting the AirTag™ into the designated place.

How do you add your personal information to the Luggage Tag Pro?

Privacy and protection is of the utmost importance. Your Apple AirTag™ has step-by-step instructions when you first get yours, including how to add your personal information directly to the device. When someone finds your AirTag™, they will simply hold it up to their iPhone or Android, which will notify you immediately, as well as provide a web link that shows them your contact information. No writing required!

Does the magnet in the Luggage Tag Pro interrupt or affect the AirTag™?

All of our AirTag™ accessories are designed to securely hold your AirTag™ without interrupting the tracking technology. Our Luggage Tag Pro has been meticulously tested to ensure the magnet does not interrupt the technology or affect the AirTag™ over time, keeping your AirTag™ secure and protected.

Do you offer a warranty for the AirTag™ accessories?

We’re proud of each AirTag™ accessory we’ve designed and provide a lifetime warranty for all of them! Enjoy where each takes you without having to worry about your Speck AirTag™ product!

How secure is the SiliLOOP and how does it stay in place?

Even though the SiliLOOP is made from flexible silicone, the construction and design ensures that once you loop it onto a strap or loop, it stays secure and doesn’t move due to the rubbery nature of the material. Test it yourself! You’ll notice how the opening is exactly the right size so you can loop it on and keep your AirTag™ secure.