Compatible with MagSafe® FAQs

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Have questions about your new Speck Compatible with MagSafe® case? Whether it’s a recent purchase or a case you’re considering, we’re happy to help answer any questions you may have about our cases. See if your question is answered below; if not, feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

General Questions

What is the difference between cases that are Wireless Charging Compatible and the new Compatible with MagSafe® cases?

Our existing cases are all wireless charging compatible - tested to work with other chargers in the market including the MagSafe® Charger. Our Compatible with MagSafe® cases take the wireless charging experience to the next level, designed with built-in magnets that are optimized for better performance and seamless connection to work with all MagSafe® accessories.

Are there any quality differences between the Presidio® Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe® and the existing Presidio® Perfect-Clear case?

We never compromise on quality, which means these new cases meet our high standard for durability and protection. We’ve designed these case to be just as durable and slim, with the same superior 13-foot drop protection to protect your device as our standard Presidio® cases. Our Perfect-Clear coating offers the same flawless clarity, resisting discoloration and yellowing. And as always, Microban® antimicrobial product protection reduces bacteria growth on the surface of the case by 99%. Even with our optimized magnets, we’ve ensured every part of the design integrates into your routine and gives you the protection and confidence you need.

Does the Presidio® Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe® case work with all Apple products?

We know how important going wireless is for life on the go, which is why our new Compatible with MagSafe® cases work seamlessly and reliably with the entire collection of Apple MagSafe® accessories.

Does the Presidio® Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe® case work with other wireless chargers?

Our Presidio® Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe® cases are designed to be compatible with wireless chargers.

How are the magnets designed and built-in to the Compatible with MagSafe® case?

Our built-in magnets are precisely added to the inside of the case and are tested for reliability and compatibility with all MagSafe® accessories. Proven to last and withstand drops and bumps, we’ve worked with Apple recommended partners to ensure these magnets are strong, durable, and effective so you can go the distance with superior protection and durability no matter where life takes you.

Do the magnets in the case scratch or cause damage to the phone?

There is a slight offset from the flat surface to protect the device from scratching. We’ve made sure every part of the design is flawless and stays that way, protecting your device from any scratches.

Do you offer Compatible with MagSafe® cases in the Presidio® Grip and Pro style and finishes?

Presidio® Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe® is our first case with this new feature. Keep an eye out for new styles as we continue to develop new technology and designs that integrate into your life and meet your needs for style and durability. For now, rest assured that many of our cases are slim enough to use with your MagSafe® charger.

WARNING: Contains strong magnets which can cause injury or death by interfering with medical devices like pacemakers, or can damage electronic devices and magnetic media.