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PixelSkin HD Wink

iPhone SE (1st gen) / iPhone 5s/5

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Protection with a stylish look, low profile, and an extra spark

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Protect in dazzling style with Speck’s durable, slim-fitting PixelSkin HD Wink case for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE. This light-reflecting tiled case flexes on and off your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE without losing its shape, winking back with a slight glimmer when shone in different light. Plus, its slim profile slides in and out of pockets with ease.

Product Resources

  • PixelSkin HD Wink case fits iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE.
  • Dazzling style. Tiled pattern features matte & glossy pixels that wink back when you give them a wave.
  • Low profile. Slim, lightweight design slips in and out of pockets with ease.
  • Save face. Raised edges help protect your screen from impact.
  • Cover your buttons. Rubberized covers shield buttons while keeping them fully accessible.
  • Full access. Easily use the power, volume, and mute buttons without removing your PixelSkin HD Wink iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, & iPhone SE case.