Clever people

At Speck, we believe in going all in. If we aren't constantly striving to craft the best cases, discover the freshest ideas, and build the cleverest team, why even bother showing up?

Some of the Speckans who lead our company:

  • Robert Hales, President of Speck

    Robert Hales

    President of Speck

    Robert’s favorite thing about Speck is the energy in the office. Since 2014 he’s been making an impact by leading with the reminder to always put the customer needs first. When he’s not rallying Team Speck to financial success, Robert is playing golf on local California beaches or taking tropical vacations with his family.

  • Bryan Hynecek, Vice President of Design

    Bryan Hynecek

    EVP of Product and Design

    Bryan started working at Speck in 2007 and says working through the obstacles of the unknown is one of his favorite things about his job. He also enjoys seeing people genuinely thrilled with using our product.

  • Rachele Gillmar, Sr. Director of Marketing & eCommerce

    Rachele Gillmar

    Sr. Director of Marketing & eCommerce

    One of the first things Rachele realized when she joined Speck in 2014 was how much people love and depend on our products. Her favorite part about working here is seeing first hand the unique design process and sharing the Speck story. When she’s not in the office, she’s enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family.

  • Bob Zielinski, Vice President of Operations

    Bob Zielinski

    Vice President of Operations

    Bob says that the most fun thing about being at Speck is the talented people he gets to work with every day. After joining in 2015, Bob enjoyed developing strength in new teams and turning his office into a home. You can find Bob jogging around his neighborhood when he’s not at his desk-turned-digs.

  • Dawn McLaren, Director of Human Resources

    Dawn McLaren

    Director of Human Resources

    Her favorite thing about her fearless coworkers when Dawn joined Speck in 2015 was their great level of enthusiasm. She gets to make an impact on Team Speck every single day with her welcoming leadership style, passion for talent development, and helping to create a lively environment that encourages expression and fun while delivering exceptional products to the market. In her free time you can find Dawn running, reading, or road tripping around California.

  • Rose Ortiz, Director of Operations

    Rose Ortiz

    Director of Operations

    Rose joined Speck in 2011 and says her favorite thing about her job is the diversity of her day-to-day work and the stellar team she gets to enjoy it with. The coolest thing she&rsqup;s accomplished has been watching her operations team grow and evolve from the very beginning. When not at work, you can find Rose traveling outdoors, cooking on her grill, or enjoying good champagne.

Of course many more people help Speck operate on a daily basis make the best cases that fit you. From our accounting team to customer service, the marketing group to the tireless designers in product development, everyone has a role here at Speck. Yup, that's just how we roll. Learn more about us.