Clever people

At Speck, we believe in going all in. If we aren't constantly striving to craft the best cases, discover the freshest ideas, and build the cleverest team, why even bother showing up?

Some of the Speckans who lead our company:

  • Irene Baran

    Irene Baran

    Chief Executive Officer

    Irene has been passionate for the consumer electronics world for 27 years. She started at Monster Cable in 1985—then a very small specialty accessories company—and helped grow it into a significant consumer electronics brand and served as their COO for 16 years. She married John Jahraus and had two kids along the way: Michael and Kate, before joining Speck as CEO in 2006. She is now enjoying building a business that enhances the devices people love. Her family likes the outdoors and spends time skiing and hiking together.

  • Rusty Everett

    Rusty Everett

    Executive VP, Sales

    Rusty is a 20+ year veteran in the CE business and made his first mark at another famous Bay Area brand. He has been at Speck over 4 years and helped grow the company to a very recognized and fun global brand. His passion is snowboarding which is why he lives in the mountains with his wife and two boys. In his spare time he loves to build project vehicles like his supercharged 2011 Jeep Rubicon.

  • Tim Brophy

    Tim Brophy

    VP, Manufacturing

    Tim was so preoccupied with his 34 children and numerous projects that he oversees that he was unable to get us his bio, regrettably. However, he wants you to know his favorite show is American Idol and his favorite possession is his Justin Bieber poster. In his words, “I have the fever!”

  • Jarret Weis

    Jarret Weis

    VP, Product Development

    Jarret got his start project managing accessories at Monster Cable, working his way across mobile, power cells, Apple and gaming. Now, he is the proud leader of Gadget Geekery at Speck. When he is not busy heading up Product Development, he can be found trying to automate his home through his iPhone, or enjoying the great outdoors—hiking, cycling or snowboarding (while simultaneously tracking his route and stats, also on his iPhone.)

  • Bryan Hynecek

    Bryan Hynecek

    VP, Product Design

    Bryan loves making things. He “geeks out” about every aspect of it, from the tiniest nuance of how a person uses something to the latest and greatest manufacturing technology. No, seriously... he obsesses about it all. As unique a trait as that is, he”s managed to find an entire group of people that geek out in the same way, put them in a room at Speck, and together they continually crank out compelling product.

  • Chris Gibbins

    Chris Gibbins

    Director, Global Brand Protection

    With 18+ years of consumer electronics experience, Chris has tackled multiple facets of the business ranging from Retail, Multiunit, and Territory Management, to Corporate Buying, and Product/Business Development. When not chasing down the next greatest product gizmo or business opportunity, Chris, his wife and son can be found either cooking, grilling, golfing, skiing, mountain biking, or enjoying a fine local brew.

  • David Burns

    David Burns

    Director, Development

    David Burns channels his love for extreme sports and rugged travel adventures for inspiration in his development, production, and operations projects.

  • Chris Novak

    Chris Novak

    Director, Engineering

    After enjoying 30 years designing MacBook laptops at Apple, Chris found himself looking for a start-up company that could use his experience. He succeeded in R&D projects at Hi-P North America and Panasonic before cracking his whip at Speck. Since his arrival, he went from a team of one to a team of nine in just 18 months.

  • Eric Ronberg

    Eric Ronberg

    Director, Sales - Specialty Retail

    A crazy sports fan that played baseball, basketball and golf growing up, Eric started his career in the sporting goods industry, then transitioned into the electronics industry, where he has been for 14+ years. Today Eric still enjoys basketball, golf and running, while enjoying time with his family and friends.

  • Scott Harris

    Scott Harris

    Director, Sales - Americas

    Scott has been involved in the consumer electronics industry for nearly 15 years specializing in sales strategy, pricing and sell-through strategies.

Of course many more people help Speck operate on a daily basis make the best cases that fit you. From our accounting team to customer service, the marketing group to the tireless designers in product development, everyone has a role here at Speck. Yup, that's just how we roll. Learn more about us.