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Presidio Stay Clear

Galaxy S10+

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Clear, slim phone case resists discoloring and provides 8-foot drop protection

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee
Roll over more info Close-up of outside of Presidio Stay Clear case with anti-UV rays and anti-oil absorption badge

Stays clear

Stays clear

Newly developed coating helps to prevent UV rays and oil absorption, so your seamless case stays clear longer.

Roll over more info Three quarter side view of Presidio Stay Clear case with part of the case cut away to reveal two layers of protection

Two layers of protection

Two tough and durable layers of protection

A polycarbonate outer shell and an inner IMPACTIUM™ CLEAR lining are molded together to give you two layers of protection in a slim, one-piece case.

Roll over more info Close-up of top of Presidio Stay Clear case showing the raised bezel screen protection

Raised bezel screen protection

Raised bezel screen protection

Gives phone screen extra protection from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down.

Roll over more info Close-up of corner of Presidio Stay Clear case impacting the ground and force being distributed

8-foot drop-protection

8-foot drop-protection with IMPACTIUM CLEAR shock barrier

IMPACTIUM™ CLEAR material on the inside perimeter compress on impact to absorb and disperse shock. Dropped from 8 feet multiple times by independent labs to ensure superior protection.

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  • 8-foot drop-tested for extreme durability
  • Two-layers of protection with IMPACTIUMâ„¢ CLEAR plus raised bezel
  • Seamless clear design, stays clear longer
  • Allows for Qi wireless charging
  • Lifetime warranty