This Isn’t Rocket Science.
But, It’s Close.

The Method To Our Madness

Hundreds of carefully considered decisions, from engineering, to industrial design, to colors, materials, and finishes go into the making of each Speck® case. Because we’re obsessed with protecting your tech.

Presidio2 Armor Cloud Technology

Tried & Tested

Speck® cases are independently lab-tested for multiple real-life situations, including extreme drops, temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.



Airbags. Finally available for phones.

The entire PRESIDIO®2 line with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud technology are the slimmest and most protective dual-layer cases we’ve ever designed.

How, you ask?

It’s all in the cloud. The Presidio®2 Armor Cloud that is. The interior of each case is lined with individual air capsules. At impact, these phone-loving-air-pockets compress and suspend your phone on a comfy cushion of air, just like an airbag.

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for up to 13-feet drop protection

More protection. Same slim design.

No two phones fall the same way. Trust us, we’ve studied the physics. This year, we’ve innovated our phone-cushioning material, IMPACTIUM.

The new shock barrier now provides 3 more feet of drop protection for the edges, the back, and the sides of your phone, and it does it in the same slim design. Don’t thank me, thank our engineers.

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Turn Big Drops Into “No Big Deals”

Presidio®2 cases have a polycarbonate outer shell and an inner Presidio®2 with Armor Cloud Technology lining to give you 2 LAYERS of protection.
Close up of dual layer

Saving Screens One Drop At A Time

Gives screen extra protection from scratching and shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down.
Close up of raised bezel
speck and microban logo

Taking Protection To A Cellular Level

Our phones go with us everywhere. To the gym, through airport security, to all the places we live and work, and the fact is, stain and odor causing bacteria is present everywhere we go.

Microban Antimicrobial technology give a 99% reduction in bacteria to protect the case creating a cleaner surface.

That’s why Speck partnered with Microban. They’re the global leader in antimicrobial technology with a broad portfolio of over 25 approved antimicrobial technologies. We’ve integrated Microban into almost the entire line of Speck cases*. This provides lifetime protection from stain and odor causing bacteria, and works at a cellular level to keep your case cleaner.

Microban antimicrobial product protection is not intended to control disease pathogens and is not a substitute for cleaning your phone. Read more here:

*Does not include all Speck products. Review product description carefully

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Always Testing. Never Resting.

It’s our belief that rigorous testing leads to failure, and failure leads to innovation and growth. That’s why every case is independently lab-tested for multiple real-life situations, including extreme drops and temperatures, chemicals, antenna interference, cracks and abrasions, device bending, and more.

Speck phone case measured by a micrometer

Environmental Test

We run all of our cases through an environmental chamber to expose them to extreme temperature changes and high humidity to ensure they won't fail in these situations over time.

Speck phone cases dipped in various chemicals

Chemical Test

We test every case with chemicals found in hand creams, skin lotions, oils, sunscreens, even mayonnaise, to represent long-term exposure to substances you use on a daily basis.

Speck phone cases under UV light machine

UV Light Test

We run our Perfect-Clear cases through 120-hours of UV testing to ensure they won't turn yellow or cloudy from exposure to the sun.

Speck hone case undergoing high speed scratch test

Scratch & Hardness Test

We put our coatings, materials, and finishes to the test and make sure they’re ready for anything and everything. Life can be tough, so are our cases.

Phones in Speck phone cases with their camera flash on

Camera Flash Test

We test every case to ensure optimum usability with your device. That means you’re able to capture the moments that matter, and keep your phone protected.

Speck phone cases being repeatedly dropped on various surfaces

Impact Test

Our cases are drop tested multiple times in independent labratories to test against extreme drops. We put our cases to the test in the real world too, dropping them on concrete, dirt, hard floors, and pavement.

Explore Our Case Designs

Learn about our wide selection of protective and stylish iPhone cases, Android cases, MacBook cases, iPad cases, and tablet cases below.

Presidio®2 Pro Phone Cases

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Presidio2 Pro phone case by Speck

Why Pro?

  • Protect against drops with Presidio®2 Armor Cloud™ Technology
  • Less stress on face-down drops with our raised bezel
  • Protect against harmful bacteria with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection

Presidio® Perfect-Clear Phone Cases

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Presidio Perfect-Clear phone case by Speck

Why Perfect-Clear?

  • Resist yellowing from UV rays & oils with Perfect-Clear coating.
  • Protect against drops with clear impact technology
  • Less stress on face-down drops with our raised bezel

Presidio® Pro Folio Tablet Cases

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Presidio Pro Folio tablet case by Speck

Why Pro Folio?

  • Resist damage with 6-foot drop protection
  • Protect against scratches & dings with our reinforced cover
  • Get ultimate versatility with our multi-angle typing/viewing stand

SmartShell® MacBook Cases

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SmartShell MacBook case by Speck

Why SmartShell®?

  • Protect against scratches with our hard-shell design
  • Avoid any computer sliding with our rubberized feet
  • Make life easier with a simple installation and removal

Presidio® Clickflip AirPods Pro Cases

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Presidio Clickflip AirPods Pro case by Speck

Why Clickflip?

  • Resist damage with 6-foot drop protection
  • Protect against scratches & dings
  • Get ultimate versatility