Why LootLock Is Money

LootLock™ is a super-slim stick-on wallet that gives you a more secure way to hold up to 3 cards or cash.

Angled shot of iPhone XS with Speck's LootLock attached

Don’t lose your credit cards

LootLock’s no-stretch casing was built for security. Easily lock 1-3 cards or cash in place. Even if you drop LootLock, your cash and cards will stay.

LootLock by Speck with arrow showing it can be rotated to show or hide cards contained within.

More privacy = More peace of mind

For total security, flip LootLock’s storage casing over & snap into place to completely conceal your cards, cash, or ID.

LootLock by Speck detached from base while phone charges wirelessly.

Wireless charging is a snap

When you need to charge your mobile device, simply remove LootLock’s casing and snap back into place when you’re charged.

LootLock by Speck with credit cards fanning out.

Quick and easy card access slot

LootLock’s smooth, card removal technology allows you to easily grab the card you need at any time, not all three.

LootLock by Speck attached to multiple smartphones - iPhone XS, Samsung S10, Google Pixel 3 XL.

Works with most cases and devices

LootLock has a universal design that will work with most cases and devices.*

*May not fit all smartphones.

Woman's hand removing an iPhone XS with LootLock attached from a fanny pack.

Super slim, pocket-friendly design

LootLock is about the size of a credit card and as thick as three credit cards. It slides smoothly in and out of pockets and other small spaces.

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